Driver Job in UK With Visa Sponsorship Free

By | October 29, 2023

Driver Job in UK With Visa Sponsorship Free: Embarking on a journey to secure top-tier remuneration and a gracious INITIAL INDUCEMENT OF £500 is now an attainable aspiration. How, you may ask? By joining our ranks as an autonomous messenger of parcels to the doorsteps of our esteemed clientele residing within your proximate vicinage.

Driver Job in UK With Visa Sponsorship Free

Driver Job in UK

This opportunity is centered at our central locus in Croydon. The best part? No homeward deliveries required. We’ve got you covered with comprehensive training.

The remuneration, my dear reader, is quite appealing:

For Short Wheelbase (SWB) vehicles: An alluring £171.05 per diem, coupled with mileage compensation, or £205.26 per diem inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT) along with mileage entitlement.

To put it in weekly terms, it translates to a sumptuous £1026.30 per week plus the mileage supplement, or £1231.56 per week including VAT and the mileage allotment.

For Medium Wheelbase (MWB) vehicles: We offer a generous £191.05 per diem, alongside mileage compensation, or £229.26 per diem inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT) along with mileage entitlement.

This is tantamount to an opulent £1146.30 per week plus the mileage supplement, or £1375.56 per week including VAT and the mileage allotment.

In addition to these handsome incentives, there are special bonuses for high-demand weeks. Expect to embark on a daily multi-stop route that offers constant engagement. You can dedicate yourself up to six consecutive days per week. The focus is on local delivery regions, ensuring you’re well-acquainted with the terrain.

Our commitment extends to equipping you with full-fledged training, and the fruits of your labor will be deposited weekly into your personal bank account for your convenience. The entry is hassle-free and expeditious, ensuring a prompt commencement.

We extend a warm invitation to owner-drivers who meet the following criteria:

  1. Possession of a Transit SWB or MWB van.
  2. Holding a valid UK or EU driving license.
  3. Demonstrating sound geographical acumen of the local environs.
  4. While prior experience is beneficial, it is by no means compulsory.
  5. Exhibiting a commendable command of the English language and maintaining a professional appearance.
  6. Fulfilling the legal prerequisite to work in the UK.
  7. Willingness and eligibility to pass a comprehensive background examination and undergo drug & alcohol testing.

Don’t have a van? Fret not; van rental options may be available through our preferred suppliers. For a deeper understanding, consider submitting an online application today.

It is pertinent to note that the weekly compensation rates are predicated on active service six days a week, with an additional daily allowance of £1.80 to facilitate the use of your personal device. As for the INITIAL INDUCEMENT OF £500, it goes without saying that the terms and conditions in effect are applicable.

Treadstone is unwavering in its commitment to promoting diversity and ensuring equal opportunities within the professional arena. We wholeheartedly encourage applications from individuals across all strata of our vibrant community.

Types of Employment Opportunities: Permanent, Part-time, Full-time

Remuneration: £171.05-£229.26 per day

Work Schedule: Day shift

Supplementary Compensation Categories: Signing bonus

Licenses/Certifications: UK or EU Driving License with no more than 6 points (mandatory)

Eligibility to Work: Mandatory in the United Kingdom

Work Location: En route

How to Apply



In conclusion, the prospects of becoming a self-employed courier delivery driver with Treadstone are undeniably enticing. The opportunity to earn substantial daily rates, generous weekly sums, and a welcoming £500 initial incentive is a proposition that beckons to those with the right qualifications and a desire for a dynamic role.

The promise of consistent local deliveries, the convenience of weekly payments, and the possibility of van rental for those without their own vehicle make this a comprehensive and appealing package. Treadstone’s commitment to equal opportunity and diversity ensures that individuals from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

If you possess a Transit SWB or MWB van, a valid UK or EU driving license, local geographical knowledge, and meet the other specified requirements, this opportunity could be the career move you’ve been seeking. So, why wait? Take the next step, apply online, and embark on a journey towards a rewarding and fulfilling courier career with Treadstone.