Security Guard Need in Malaysia With Visa Sponsor

By | October 22, 2023

Security Guard Need in Malaysia With Visa Sponsor

Security Guard Need in Malaysia With Visa Sponsor

Position Particulars

  • Compensation: $24.78 to $31.74 per hour
  • Employment Type: Full-time
  • Work Schedule: Monday through Friday
  • On-call Availability
  • Perquisites: Paid Leave, Retirement Savings Plan

Benefits Extracted from the comprehensive job description, the following advantages are on offer:

  • Retirement Savings Plan (401(k))
  • Paid Leave

Job Posting Information

Operating Hours: Full-time; Monday to Friday, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Individuals within this job category are expected to exhibit personal initiative and independent judgment in the execution of regular tasks. The work is performed under the general guidance of an administrative superior, with evaluations carried out via reports, inspections, and adherence to departmental, local, state, and federal rules and regulations.

Nature of Employment/Exemplary Tasks Carried Out

Surveillance of entry and exit points and the implementation of screenings on incoming individuals, parcels, and personal effects using X-ray scanning devices, metal detectors, visual observation, and other endorsed security methodologies. Identification and confiscation of weapons, contraband, or items raising suspicion; detention or arrest of individuals as per the Nebraska Revised Statutes 29-401, and subsequent due process. Conducting inspections of the building to ensure ongoing facility security.

Provision of information and addressing inquiries from individuals accessing the Justice Center. Assisting both employees and the public in locating the appropriate areas within the facility. Preparation and distribution of required duty documents and reports. Administering first-aid aid and requesting medical personnel to the Justice Center as necessary. Offering support and guidance during potential or actual emergencies, including both natural events (fire, tornado) and premeditated crises (such as bomb threats, disturbances, or riots). Assisting with the transportation of detainees and maintaining courtroom security as directed.

Desired Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills/Preferred Training and Experience

Familiarity with municipal regulations, Nebraska state statutes, and federal laws pertaining to criminal law enforcement. Proficiency in the workings of law enforcement and judicial systems. Effective oral and written communication skills. Proficiency in establishing and sustaining productive working relationships with law enforcement personnel, colleagues, and the general populace.

Capability to exercise tact and minimal force in interactions with disruptive or confrontational individuals. Proficiency in the visual detection of weapons, contraband, and suspicious items, along with their professional and secure confiscation. Expertise in the operation of security scanning and detection equipment.

Minimum Requirements/Mandatory Special Stipulations

Qualifications: Completion of senior high school or its equivalent, coupled with some experience in law enforcement, or any corresponding amalgamation of training and experience that imparts the desired knowledge, abilities, and skills. Desirable: Possession of a current Nebraska Law Enforcement Certification or a Law Enforcement Certification from a state recognized for NLETC reciprocity.

Mandatory Special Stipulations:

  • A valid driver’s license is mandatory when operating a vehicle in the execution of assigned responsibilities.
  • Successful completion of both local and national level security clearance assessments is a prerequisite.
  • Satisfactory participation in and completion of requisite defensive tactics, CPR, and first-aid training is a must.
  • Successful fulfillment and maintenance of necessary firearms certification is imperative.
  • Employees must contribute a minimum of 20 hours per week to qualify for insurance benefits.
  • Vacation leave, sick leave, and holidays are proportionally allocated for part-time employees based on their weekly working hours.
  • Temporary, seasonal, and on-call personnel are not entitled to benefit provisions.

How to Apply 

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